Our players cultivate good work ethics and gain skills transferable to the next level or outside soccer


VanCity Pro Football Academy is a youth soccer player development academy in the Greater Vancouver area. Our approach is a comprehensive and holistic player development program based on the philosophies of the legendary “Yohan Cruyff”, “Arsene Wenger” and “Pep Guardiola”.


Our main goal at VanCity Pro Football Academy is to create and develop technically brilliant players who are great decision makers with and without the ball. In addition, we create a positive and fun learning environment for players of all abilities to thrive and learn.


At VanCity Pro Football Academy, we are so humbled and very grateful to be able to join in and contribute to great initiatives and humanitarian agendas. We support the works of Right to Play, UNICEF, SOS Children’s Villages, Sunshine Foundation, SickKids Foundation, Kids Up Front Foundation, UBC Splash Kids, the Children’s Foundation, Children of Hope and more.


VanCity Pro Football Academy is an official partner academy of
Villarreal Club de Fútbol. As an official partner academy of Villarreal CF, Villarreal
VanCity Pro Football Academy is connected with the Spanish soccer
club at all times.



Kashmir Uppal

"VanCity Pro Football Academy has exceeded our expectations in the coaching and in my boys’ soccer development skills. Wow all my boys' soccer skills have excelled so far beyond what we could have foresaw or imagined and its only year 1. This Academy is not just somewhere you send your boys for just soccer skills but somewhere where respect, value, honor, team play and where family values are taught by the great example of Imran and his family. They make you a part of your family and who doesn’t need more positive and caring people in their lives (I know my boys and I love this part). This is the first time in soccer life where we know the other team players and their families building connections and lifelong relationships. There are soccer tournaments to the States, in Canada travelling with other team families making great memories. The value of all this is priceless.

Coach Imran is fair, respectful, caring and above all commands the best from all the boys. I don’t know how he does it but my boys respond to his teachings by giving their best."


Danielle Semple

"We've been with Vancity Pro Football for many years after meeting Coach Imran at summer soccer camp. We liked his personalized approach, he works with each of the players to develop their skills and build on their strengths. The team environment of the club is second to none, both on the field and on the sidelines. Players are taught how to work together, rather than individual superstars competing to shine. We love the values he teaches the boys - respect, commitment, focus, hard work - and we feel these will carry through as life lessons well beyond the game.
Through Vancity, our son has had the opportunity to play in a number of local and international tournaments and their team has been recognized by other coaches and scouts for both their individual and team talents. Over the years, we've seen Vancity work hard to develop relationships and connections to create pathways and opportunities for the players as they get older. We know we have a dedicated coach behind us, and that he will help us navigate the next steps."


Alia Dharamsi

"VanCity Pro Football Academy is a program like no other! It is a program that focuses on football development and life skills.
Imran Tahid has created a positive environment where the boys work hard for themselves and each other. Team work, hard work and respect are essential!
The coaches are truly passionate about the game of football and are constantly striving to make the boys better players. The discipline and hard work that is expected at practices and games shows in their continued football education.
Imran and his wife Melissa are the backbone of VanCity Pro and together they have created an inclusive community with a family atmosphere."





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